Dear Precious Sponsors and Friends in the United States of America.


Focus and Mission

The School Management and the Director of Nyamabuga Foundation Schools take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your contribution and endless support towards the well-being of Nyamabuga Nursery, Primary School and Secondary School. We are grateful for your help.

Since June 2015, under the Directorate of Emmanuel Mwesigye, we have moved forward in terms of educative promotion and technical expertise. Among the improvements in all areas of these projects we have the following:


Achievements for 2016

Since November we have had the following renovations in different departments to make ready for the New Year opening:

  1. The main outside block was covered with face bricks.
  2. Classroom floors were cemented and repaired.
  3. The Dorm entry walls were painted and floors cemented
  4. The Kitchen and the temporary dining hall were repaired.
  5. The guests and Staff toilets were completed except for the doors and tiles.
  6. We have currently enrolled 200 students from Nursery up to Primary Seven. The Boarding section has 50 students.


Farming on the School Premises.

This year we have had a lot of sunshine, and the gardens are under a strict irrigation scheme. We have planted cabbage, watermelon, carrot, onions etc. on the school premises. During the long holidays, Emmanuel trained some of the children so that they can also practice good farming techniques at home when they are out of school.

The school as well as the main Farm at Harwera, growing plenty of maize – corn. In March Emmanuel harvested the Maize dried them and processed them and now they are ready for graining at the Maize Mill.


New challenges faced by NEEPUganda

Last week Emmanuel went to Fort Portal to purchase spare parts for the tractor. On the way home, a motorcyclist swerved into his lane and in order to avoid hitting the man, Emmanuel hit another vehicle and rolled his truck. Only by the Grace of God, although he suffered minor injuries Emmanuel is ok. Unfortunately, the truck will be too costly to put back on the road.

The Secondary building is not yet completed. Our prayer is that God would bring together those to help finish the first phase or the whole structure, to avoid depreciation due to unfinished construction.

This year we have been blessed that some of you have come to visit us. We look forward to others who will come later this year. Thank you for all that you are doing to help, thank you for bringing others who join with us here in Uganda to give wisdom and increase courage. You are welcome here.

Again, thank you for loving us and the children here in Nyamabuga.


Love, your family at NEEPUganda

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