Challenges and Amazing progress. Highlights from 2017:

Thumbprint of Nyamabuga Foundational Schools: excellence in all areas!

Did you know that co- director Clare and the students have a prayer list? Their list has 100 people on it, they pray for many of us by name! Our students are some of the best in the world!

Our students work hard in their studies, in their sports and in their spiritual lives. Every year schools from the surrounding area compete in intramural sports such as netball, futbol (soccer), and high jump. We’re happy to say that Nyamabuga placed third in the district in intramurals!



Education Inspector Guest of Honor on Speech Day


The school received recognition from the guest of honor, the area’s Education Inspector. She spoke to the parents, students and staff about Nyamabuga being the only school in the area to have all the necessary government credentials for operation. She also was on hand for the student award ceremony. Students from each level were recognized for high grades and outstanding performance. The Inspector shook their hands and congratulated them, as well as praised them to their parents. She gave testament to the school’s culture of excellence and continued track record. The Inspector admonished the parents to strengthen their support of the school, especially as the Secondary School construction continues. We’re thankful to have the Inspectors full-hearted support!


Special field trip


The children had a unique opportunity to visit Queen Elizabeth Park in 2017. Many of the children have never seen the wildlife and bodies of water of their country. They learned about the lakes and craters, saw the elephants, hippos and water buffaloes. They saw the rolling green hills of tea and banana plantations and the beautiful Rwenzori Mountains. It was unforgettable experience that the children will remember!



Building Projects – what progress!

Inside Secondary School still needs work


The Lord gave Emmanuel Mwesigye wisdom how to make the Secondary School building functional, by placing a roof on the existing building, which had been untouched since the late Sister Gertrude Kabatalemwa’s passing. It was done in such a way that when they choose to build the second and third floors, as was the original plan, they can do so. Pray with us, so that by September 2018, the secondary school will be finished and we will be able to accept Secondary School students.

In 2016 one of the school wells ran dry. Although there are two catchment systems, they do not provide adequate water to the school. Construction began on a new well in 2017, in hopes to lessen the strain of the water supply.

Also, the Staff Bathrooms are nearing completion.

The Guest house

Guest House in progress


Another addition to the school in 2017 was the start of the Guest House. Located on the school property, the Guest House will accommodate international visitors and be equipped with a kitchenette and a bathroom. We look forward to hosting you!

The Farm

Director Emmanuel Mwesigye informed us that 100% of the student’s meals and milk are provided by the School Farm! In 2015, the school farm had a dream that one day they would be able to feed the students once a week. Now, the School Farm is full with a variety of crops as well as livestock, so much corn was produced that it must be stored in multiple locations. The mill works well and grinds the corn to make Posho the staple food for the school. Thank you so much for the new tires for the tractor!

Visitors from the US

In November, International Director, Teresa Skinner visited the school with a team. It was special to have them for the end of school celebration. During their visit Teresa Skinner sat with director, Emmanuel Mwesigye and the teachers to discuss areas of training that they felt would be beneficial. Armed with this information, Kim Watson of ProjectJoy returned to the United States and contacted professionals and individuals who may want to help. We look forward to their return in 2018 with a training team.

Special “Thank you!” to Sharon and Clem Murdock, of Forget Me Not Soaps who donated their beautiful hand-made natural soaps, lip balms and hand sanitizers to the school! We love them! There was enough soap for everyone and some left over, so that the children can use it for bathing or in the restrooms. The school had their end of year celebration and they received gifts that included the soap and lip balm or hand sanitizer.

Thanks to the generous donation from Kim Watson’s church, about 80-100 students will receive brand new sweaters for their uniforms. It’s difficult for most families to afford one set of clothing for their children. Add a school uniform, fees, books and supplies and the families already tight finances shrink further. The church’s gift is a timely blessing!

Director Emmanuel Mwesigye with Co-director Clare Businge



There are needs that the school still faces and for this we are grateful for the continued support from our supporters. We look forward to what God will accomplish together in 2018.

Thank you for making 2017 a wonderful year!