It’s here! The Mill is here and fully functional!



Thanks to all of you who gave to the construction and fixing of the new mill.

We had approached the electric company and asked them to bring electricity to more efficiently fuel the previous mill and we waited for quite a while.

It become clear that the mill was too large for what we needed, and would take a great deal of money to install the type of electricity needed to run it, as the electricity we have now would not sustain it. Another mill was purchased, more suited to the needs of the school and the existing electricity. The students gathered and prayed a blessing over after its installation.

We are grateful for this major breakthrough!


It’s examination time in Uganda! The students were gathered together to as a local pastor prayed over them for the upcoming tests. The Primary 7 Students are preparing for the national exams, and we are sure they will represent Nyamabuga well!



This breakthrough is an encouragement to us all and we can’t wait to see what’s next! As always, we appreciate you, our family, as we work together on this labor of love.


Love always,

Your Family at NEEPUganda