Mission Statement

Encouraging through relationships​

Educating for a brighter future​

Evangelizing for eternity​

Equipping to walk and grow in the Lord​

Empowering leaders to step out of poverty and impact their community for God’s great glory

“Better to equip the person in need with a fishing pole than to give them a fish.”

Building on our five foundational principles…NEEPUganda has developed practical programs in the following areas:

ARTS & CRAFTS: establishes and develops relationships with the rural poor in villages including widows, orphans and school drop outs to train them in native Ugandan arts and crafts as a means of self-help.

MICRO-FINANCE:  uses micro-financing programs to provide small loans for start-up materials and develops local/export markets for the sale of goods produced.

FARMING: acquired 100 acres to grow crops and raise animals to provide necessary food and a secondary income source.

PASTORAL DEVELOPMENT:  believing that spiritual development is the most critical NEEPUganda invests in training and developing local pastors and leaders

EDUCATION:  a key element in bettering Uganda’s future; providing adult and youth educational programs.

With the help of friends and sponsors, NEEPUganda has slowly been able to acquire land, parcel by parcel, until now there is a 100 acre plot available for the school complex and the farm. This farm houses some of the schools sponsored cows and goats and grows bananas, cassava, tea and corn.

In 1998, NEEPU gave birth to the Center for International Studies (CIS). CIS fills a major education gap by supplying workers with relevant skills necessary for successful performance. CIS teaches entrepreneurial skills that withstand the challenges of the ever changing and highly competitive job environment. Bachelor and Masters Degrees are available.

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