Hello NeepUganda Family!

We hope all of you are doing well! We’re sure that many of you (hopefully ALL of you!) are wondering how the African Tea Party went. To say that it was “Great” would be an understatement. It was fabulous! The turn-out was more than we expected but thank God there was plenty to go around!

We had wonderful sweet scones, savory biscuits, melktert (milk tart, a favorite among our guests) and koeksisters (a plaited doughnut-like desert), and several varieties of tea. We had black tea, Masala tea (black tea with milk and a spice mixture including ginger, cardamom and black pepper) and Rooibus (red) tea. There were several churches from the community represented that day, one of them being the pastor of Agape Community Church, Dr. George Todd. He spoke on how moved he was by Sis. Gertrude’s testimonies.


The following day, Sis. Gertrude spoke at Bishop Kengga’s Church, United Christian Fellowship. We appreciate Bishop Kengga and his church for the tremendous outpouring of God’s love for Sis. Gertrude and the work  she does in Uganda. Bishop Kengga told Sis. Gertrude that he and His wife would go to visit her in Uganda. Bishop Kengga, his wife Pastor Kenitra and the church of United Christian Fellowship are passionate about helping and investing in Africa.


Sister Gertrude also went to iLead Charter School here in Lancaster, where Kim Etter works. She spoke with the students and spent time answering questions. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and came home smiling. After a few engagements in various places, it wasn’t long before Sis. Gertrude’s time with us was coming to an end.

We asked sister Gertrude what her thoughts have been about her trip. This is what she had to say:

 “I would like to tell you that I am not weary from my travels because you…pray for  me and every time the Lord replenishes me with new strength.  Regarding my visit, though it has been the shortest time, the Lord has accomplished much spiritually, physically and materially. I have seen the hand of the Lord stretched to heal and to encourage many people wherever I went to share His Love.

The most important and everlasting impression on my heart is:  where ever, when ever I went to share my testimony or pray for the needs of people, the Lord has been giving me a  Personal Word concerning that particular person’s situation. The African Tea Party was great…I praise the Lord where ever He has used me.”
We praise God for He uses Sister Gertrude in amazing ways, and we are grateful for the time we can spend with her. We will posting pictures of the tea party soon on our Facebook Page so be sure to “like” the page to get the latest updates on NEEPUganda!
We love you all very much!
Your NEEPUganda Family