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We’re nearing the end of the school term, and the students are elbows deep in their studies as they prepare for final exams. Emmanuel also reported of some things that have happened during the first term and some things to come!

“We were disrupted by the (Ugandan) presidential elections, where we had to first close the school until the elections were done. When we resumed, the teachers had a lot of lessons to catch up on, to make up for lost time. In the second term, we will have competitions amongst other neighboring schools in all sports.

The school still has its usual time of praise and worship in the evening before prep and early morning before they go for class.”

At the beginning of the year, we reported that the Primary 7 students had taken a pretty important exam. Emmanuel reported to us this week that the students not only passed the exams, but excelled compared to the other students in surrounding schools. We truly have some of the most gifted students!

The farm, as well as the school garden, is doing well! Emmanuel shared with us what the children can expect in the next harvest:

“In the farm, I ploughed a lot of corn this time around. I planted 7 hectares (17 acres) of it. Then I planted 4 hectares (about 10 acres) of beans. We buy beans a lot every term and prices are unstable.”

I planted lots of watermelons (200) in the school garden for the children that will be ready next term. There will also be red cabbages (200), green pepper, pineapples, mangoes (67) and oranges.”



School Garden:















The situation with their transportation is still a difficult one. Clare states that it would cost a great deal to fix the truck, and that is if the garage cooperates and doesn’t cheat them in the cost. But even if it is fixed, the police must drive the truck and deem it safe for the road. If the truck fails the inspection, the money would be wasted. However, to buy a new truck would also be expensive.

We are so grateful to have a network of family that prays, works and supports one another. This couldn’t be done without the unity and love from our “tribe” of coworkers. Thank you so much.


Thank You!
Thank You!

Love your family at NEEPUganda.

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