This report is from February of 2013. We’re posting it as a way to bring some of our newer readers up to speed on what has been happening with Nyamabuga School.






To our Precious Sponsors and Friends,


Since our last report, the kids, parents, guardians, School Management and the Director of Nyamabuga Foundation Schools are glad to wish you the New Year and starting the new one.  Once again we are here to express our excitement of the great achievement and great results we have attained in 2012, also for your contribution and endless support to the Nursery School, Primary School and Secondary School.  We are all full of joy of what God is doing through you.



General Report

Generally in 2012, as a result of your support, the children have excelled both academically and their health has continued to improve.  Their study continued without any disturbance.  We have registered as the best School in the District  academically, discipline, Sports and debate and for these reasons many parents from near and far have brought their children in our Boarding Section and left them in our hands for good academics, correction and discipline.

In 2012 the kids were invited in many Radio Stations to discuss Sensitive Topics concerning Children vs. Parents, Teachers vs. Children, Monogamy vs. Polygamy and Depletion of Environment; which Parents and teachers cannot address publically.  We are thankful for your commitment to pay the kids sponsorship dues in time and your PRAYERS.  The kids enjoyed their studies, due to the fact that our 13 teachers on staff have been getting their salaries in time and by the beginning of 2013 no teacher had arrears. BRAVO!!!!


Here under is a brief report on achievements of 2012:


School Building

The School building construction is finished and the children started using the classrooms beginning of the new term, which commenced on 28th January 2013. Many THANKS go to our SILENT DONOR in Baton Rouge who gave us the funds to finish up the construction, to Pastor Dennis Eenigenburg and Sis. Linda Kelleher for their prayers, financial, physical visits and moral support.  The School Building is so beautiful and has attracted many parents and kids from other districts. As a result we had to put strict measures to cut overflow so that we get manageable numbers.


Boarding Section

We have boarded 70 kids since our bunk beds arrived in October 2012 and made extra 30 beds from the 3k donation from the Lutheran Church in San Francisco, which made 60 beds in total; we have 114 bunk beds. Our appreciations go to Bro. Roland and Sis. Linda in Virginia for the effort to see that we got those bunk beds in Uganda in time and Lutheran Church where Sis. Patricia Day fellowships.


Food for the Boarding

Our kids are having the best meals since the team of Pastor Eenigenburg, Bro. John Coast and the team came and trained our young men to plow. This harvest we have  7,000 kilograms in grain (that’s about 15432 lbs.!) ; we have half an acre of Sweet Potatoes which we are feeding on, we have had a big yield of Bananas the children are having enough food to take them to the end of the year. Thank God for Bro. John’s offer of the tractor.


Our Farm

God has blessed the work of our hands; our banana plantation has improved much we can even now harvest three times in a month big bunches for sale and feeding the Boarding Kids and Christian gatherings.  Also we had a good harvest of Irish Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes. Already we have plowed back where we harvested the 7,000 kg corn in January, ready for planting at the end of February Season.



The year 2012 was a year of breakthrough in Evangelism. We visited several camps in Tea plantations with the Gospel of Christ, where many labours were moved and gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. We visited Churches to uplift and encourage the brethren.  We had one big residential Bible Teaching Seminar for Church Leaders whereby many Pastors and Church Leaders and Youths were blessed.


 Vocation Bible Training

As the School building is completed and we have our bunk beds and we have food, we are looking forward to start our Vocational Bible Training in May 2013. We will start in a humble way by having Bible Residence Classes every end of term for a week, by inviting a few members from neighbouring countries until when we become fully operational.



In this report we are not going to display the remarks for the Sponsors until the next report.  This is due to the fact that we got many children who left the school for the following reasons:

  1. Those who graduated from Grade 7 their parents took them to other Secondary Schools.
  2. Others those who were being sponsored but their Sponsors could not continue supporting them with the school fees they dropped out.   However, until we put all the numbers of those who left then we will look into the  list of those ones who are still with us and being sponsored.



The response of sponsors has remained the same. We still have only 50 who honoured their obligation, others still tried despite the ups and down of worldwide economy of 2012.


On 30th September 2012, we called a meeting with the School Management, Parent Teachers Association (PTA) to address the 125 Parents who were considered that their children had Sponsors and for two – three years haven’t been paying school fees. We asked them to start paying School fees, beginning with 2013 as we were facing a lot of financial constraints to raise salaries for the Teachers.


To be sincere, we thank God for the Generous Sponsors, among the 50 members who opted to pay extra on top of what their kids fees required. If it was not for that gesture we do not know how we would have managed all those years. Our dollar exchange rate also favoured us, it kept going up to enable us fetch a little more on a dollar.

There is no great change in the sponsors’ response so far but the Lord has continued to provide and has accomplished a lot. We thank you so much for all your prayers and effort to stand with us.



Closing 2012 Still the Sponsored kids in school were:  198 Out of 614

Sponsors who have completed/and almost finished        50

Sponsors up to end May – July                                                 23

Sponsors who have not responded at all                             125




This is all I have for now.

Once again we want to say “THANK YOU”



Sis. Gertrude Kabatalmewa