Hello family!

We’re excited to share the latest update from our family in Nyamabuga!

At the end of last year, Emmanuel wrote to us about the farm and the school, as the P7 students were preparing for examinations.

“Ourselves, we’re okay though I am super busy myself with the farm. I planted four hectares (the equivalent roughly 10 acres) of corn which, I think, will probably take us throughout the whole of next year. The vegetable gardens are doing well at the school premises. We should begin harvesting the cabbages and watermelons next month, and pineapples, green pepper and corn next year. The Grade 7 students started their national exams yesterday and they finish today. We prepared them some special meals during their preparations (fried rice and soda) and they were all excited thanks to you.”

We have received photos of the beautiful bounty from the school farm! Take a look:

Bell peppers!
Wonderful harvest and more to come!
Fresh is best!
Abundant passion fruit!


















Incredible harvest!
God’s provision is not only a blessing of food, it is a blessing of finances!












Isn’t it beautiful? Emmanuel says the passion fruit is dong well, as is the rest of the farm, as you can see from the photos. We are thankful for God’s blessing and provision! As for the exams, they are still awaiting the results of the exams, which we are sure will be passing scores! Emmanuel also said they are doing repairs in the primary classrooms, as well as other repairs around the school. At the moment, the school is still on their holiday break and will resume classes on the 25th of January.

We know you will continue to labor with us in prayer for the children, faculty and staff of Nyamabuga. We thank you for working with us. God bless!


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