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Wouldn’t it be nice when you visit Nyamabuga Foundational Schools

if there was a small comfortable house where you would stay?

You would stay right at our school and have the peace of mind knowing you’re among people who love you and care for your well-being?

Right now, as we speak the guest house is being constructed with you in mind!

Our director, Emmanuel Mwesigye is personally overseeing this project!

And you can help make this house more comfortable!

The Guest House is located directly on the school complex. The goal is to have a restroom and kitchenette inside of the Guest House, so guests will be comfortable during their stay.

In addition to a bathroom, windows, doors and furnishings are needed to complete the project. This home is an exciting realization, and you can be a part!

To give towards finishing the Guest House Donate Now and designate your gift as “Guest House”.

We look forward to showing you the finished result soon!

Until next time…