Many knew the late Ms. Gertrude Kabatalemwa, a godly woman who worked in the secretarial office of Uganda’s ruthless President Idi Amin. She later became the founder of NEEPUganda and Nyamabuga Foundation Schools for village children.

Gertrude Kabatalemwa was known for her gracious manners, her ever generous heart and her deep love for her people. She was also known for her profound God-given insight and her deep love for the Lord.

My Deepest Heart’s Devotions – the Diary of an African Woman, is a devotional series that journeys into the heart of Gertrude Kabatalemwa. This profound 6-part series preserves a rich legacy. It gives a glimpse into the extraordinary relationship that she had with her Lord, a relationship that inspired countless people and will continue for generations to come.

Experience the heart of Gertrude Kabatalemwa, as you read the journaled revelations God gave her in her daily walk with Him.

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Excerpt from My Deepest Heart’s Devotions – Book 2

“I lived on hope… when the Lord kept promising me that He was the only one who was going to return my son Peter, who was kidnapped… It is hope which kept me going.”