Hello dear friends! We are excited to share with you this week a wonderful update from Sister Gertrude and our precious family at the Nyamabuga School!

We are praying for you, that the Lord may give you strength.

Pastor Dennis is here, he came to the village to see us, he came with a team, and they brought us four laptops and a projector for the computer Lab. The secondary kids are blessed in Nyamabuga to be able to learn about computers.  Also he came with a lady nurse who brought us drugs, set a clinic and  did train three people how to dispense drugs, not Asumpter this time.  Pray for Emma that if I am to come in April I come with him.  I am so happy the Lord is doing mighty and great things these we have accomplished.  The underground water tank of 160,000 litres is finished [that is approximately 42,266 gallons! –NeepU Team], water is in our compound now.  The four stanzas of modern toilet with flushing water are functioning well. A 10,000 litres [roughly 2642 gallons of water! – N.U.T.] water tank has been constructed to trap the remaining water from the Verandah. The grind mill we are putting the finishing touches on, we are plastering and building the verandah next week.  We are putting up a poultry house at the farm, foundation done and timber on site. Foundation for the 60 secondary Kids is dug, construction starts within two weeks, building to be ready in January 2014. I thank you all at All Nations and the work Sis. Agnes started in Nyamabuga. I will always be grateful to God who led me to Sommer Haven Ranch in January 1989, these are the fruits for everyone to see.

We are so excited to hear about the wonderful progress of the school, and how God has been blessing Sister Gertrude and those there! We would like to thank those who have supported and still are supporting the Nyamabuga school and Sister Gertrude.

There is also something else we are very, VERY excited about!

As we mentioned in our previous post, we were in the midst of a massive website overhaul. Well, it’s complete and we’re proud and happy to share it with everyone! Isn’t it beautiful?


It’s live now! Just head over to www.neepuganda.org and check it out! Same address, new site!

We pray each of you are doing well! Til next time!

– NeepUganda Team