Greetings to our dear friends, on this last day of March!

We wanted to share some photos that Sister Gertrude shared with us recently, and give an update on the Secondary Dormitory we wrote about earlier.


So here is the Secondary Dormitory, finished and already being used!

Secondary Dormitory 2
Secondary Dormitory Completed











If you remember from our 2013 Year End Report, Sister Gertrude told us of how the Secondary Students had no real place to stay. By God’s grace, a Secondary Dormitory was constructed, and now the Secondary Students have a place to call home!  Here are some of the young ladies of the Secondary School making themselves at home in their new living quarters.

Boys in their dormitory
Young Women Settling In



Isn’t this picture just incredible? It just makes one want to jump up and hop on the next flight for Uganda! If pictures are worth a thousand words, this one would be the answer to the question of “Why?” These faces are why we all, us here at NEEPUganda and our incredible sponsors and supporters, work together for people some of have never met. These children are gathering together for their noon time meal.

Children Gathering
Lunch time!

Here is what Sister Gertrude says about the Lunch time meal:

“This is a lunch Hour gathering.  As we do not have a hall where we can
gather the whole school for this activity we take them under a tree.  They
enjoy this Lunch Hour Fellowship very much.  They praise and worship.”



Lunch Time Under tree
Fellowship Under the Tree

There’s something so beautiful and powerful in the simple act of sharing a meal with someone. Meals and fellowship seem to go hand-in-hand with each other, and are one of the few things that transcend cultural and language barriers. There’s also something to be said about the joy and simplicity of how these children enjoy their lunch time. Doesn’t it make you want eat outside? May we understand how to enjoy and value the simple things in life.

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