Hello precious family!

This is a special post thanking all those who prayed for and donated to NEEPUganda to purchase a new truck! A few blog posts ago, we talked about Emmanuel’s accident with the truck, and how the truck was no longer serviceable. The truck was important because it helps transport supplies to and from the school and the gardens.

June 19, 2016: “We got the truck! Its a 2008 model, diesel. They came in brand new through a certain company, used for some time and were now auctioned off. My friend’s company got her personal company Mechanic to check its “heart beat” and do a serious road test. Thank God he checked it and did a few road tests. Found out it was good. It had a few things to repair: shocks, mounting, four wheel hub and tires had to be replaced.

This is how it looks now:

What a blessing! God is faithful to fulfill the needs of His ministry in His timing, and it is always perfect. We are blessed to have family that labors in prayers with us, and rejoices and praises God with us. Thank you!

Until next time, 

 Your Family at NEEPUganda

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