Stop For Success - Ezra

Sometimes we are so focused on needs and issues that press us, we forget to stop in the midst of it all and reflect on successes that we witness.

Ezra Nyakana is an intelligent, self-motivated 19-year-old with a keen mind, and good business sense, much like his Aunt Gertrude Kabatalemwa. He has several entrepreneurial projects and his latest one is doing very well!

Ezra Nyakana is successful. He is a graduate of Nyamabuga Secondary School. He currently helps at the school and was under Sister Gertrude’s care long before the school was built!


For some years, Ezra has been raising chickens and selling their eggs. He helps provide food for his home with various crops, such as beans.

Ezra’s latest small business project is popcorn! He acquired a startup loan and has already paid it off!

Ezra says of his new business:

“It pays me well! Because I paid back the money I used to buy the popcorn machine already. From just only one sack of popcorn.

He was also able to purchase a new cell phone!

Ezra, and many village children like him, are the reason we strive to keep Nyamabuga Foundation School strong.

So many village children have ambitious, creative, intelligent minds. They lack the proper environment to stimulate and grow those minds.

All that we do together, keeps Nyamabuga Foundation School going, and creates better opportunities for students like Ezra to develop their talents and skills.

This means more children have chances to reach their God-given call.

And more children will make more stories of true success: a life built in Christ, fulfilling their purpose in Him, while changing the world around them.


Thank you for your support!