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Hello friends! We hope all of you are well. We’ve heard from Sister Gertrude recently, and wanted to share a little of what she’s been doing:


“I just returned to town over the week end after such hard work.  We managed to plant a big area of corn, Irish Potatoes, beans and sweet potatoes as well as Cassava. Planning for good harvest next year.”


As you may have read in one of our previous posts, Sister Gertrude was able to have a fantastic and blessed harvest this past year. We pray that this year’s harvest be even greater than last year!

We know many of you have been with NEEPUganda for some time, but there are many of you who are newcomers. We thank you all for deciding to be a part of this incredible project, and we praise God for what He’s done since 2001. For those of you who are wondering about how NEEPUganda started, a new video has been released, and it gives a look at the foundation of NEEPUganda, and some of Sister Gertrude’s incredible testimony. We want to thank Alisa Albers and the rest of the Zak family for their help, and helping bring NEEPUganda to a new level. We will be posting the video on our NEEPUganda Facebook page soon, but for now we will post the link. Here is what Alisa said about this video:


“I wanted to share with you that two weeks ago I was able to go to Dallas to view the premier of a video collaborative project for Sister Gertrude and her school in Uganda.  
One of our goals for our trip in March was to collect video footage of the school, children, and community that Sister Gertrude serves.   
When Sister Gertrude visited Dallas in June, she was introduced to a video production professional who was so moved by her story that he felt compelled to capture her story on video.  With the combined footage that he obtained in Dallas and what our video team gathered in March, he created a beautiful and moving 5 minute piece that encapsulates what Sister Gertrude has walked through in order to get to where she is now serving her community in Western Uganda.  
Please feel free to share this video with anyone you know who has met Sister Gertrude or who may like to know more about her.”

                                                                                                         -Alisa Albers

Here’s the link – 


We love you all, God bless!



Your NEEPUganda Team