Originally Published: January 21, 2015


Hello Family. Sister Gertrude sent an update… Please continue to pray for the needs of our family in Uganda.

Dear Precious Brothers and Sisters in Christ,g-kabatalemwa

I am here to thank you for your persistent sponsorship of our students at Nyamabuga Primary and Secondary School. Your divine gesture has helped us a great deal and has kept us serving the village communities of Nyamabuga and beyond.

It is by God’s Grace…

We incur so many expenses running the school programs and paying the teachers’ salaries. Although we have over 400 students… only 30 are sponsored. Since the recession of 2008 many sponsors dropped out.

Also, special thanks goes to Sponsors whom after informing you that your students graduated from Primary to go to Secondary schools elsewhere, or your students left the school for one reason or another, you have continued sending your sponsorship.

This is very kind of you. We appreciate you.

To the consideration of School Management, a child who is not sponsored pays a minimal school fee equivalent to $17 for a three month school term, which is about $5 per month.  Out of 400 students, at the end of the month – only half of the students have fully paid their fees, the rest are defaulters. We avoid sending the children every now and then to collect school fees, but at the end of the term when the parents see they cannot pay the fees they remove their students to other government schools… leaving us in a dilemma to look for the salaries for the teachers. The year 2014 was so hard financially, but God was on our side and all of our teachers did not miss their salaries. They are very happy compared to the government schools around us.

On that note, we want to extend our appreciation to for your generosity. Whatever you send is kept on the account in California, so that whenever we run in that state of affairs your sponsorship helps us pay the teachers’ salaries.  Thank you friends in need!!!

May the Good Lord bless and keep you supplied according to His riches in glory!