Hello Family! We have a wonderful report from a friend of ours who spent 4 weeks with Sister Gertrude and the children. She taught the students sign language! Isn’t that amazing? We want to thank Vanessa for her work and her time! And, as always, we to thank you for your continued support and prayers! Together we’re helping shape the future of Uganda, one child at a time.

Vanessa Visits Uganda

Vanessa Thomas was blessed with the opportunity to visit Nyamabuga Day and Boarding School in Uganda for four weeks in June/July 2014. During her visit, she taught the children American Sign Language (ASL).  The students grasped the language quickly as they learned how to sign the English alphabets, numbers from 1-100, basic greetings along with the appropriate responses, and much more. By the end of Vanessa’s visit, students were able to carry on a brief conversation in ASL.rsz_2vanessa_picture_2

It troubled Vanessa to learn that most parents of Deaf children do not allow their children to socialize with the hearing population. Members of the Deaf population are intelligent, talented, and creative. They have the potential of adding value to any society.  It is her hope that this introduction to ASL will bridge the gap between the Deaf and Hearing cultures in Uganda.

The students were not the only beneficiaries of Vanessa’s visit. In exchange for the ASL lessons, the students taught Vanessa how to communicate using the Rutooro (tribal) language. Students displayed considerable patience as Vanessa struggled to properly pronounce some of the Rutooro words and phrases. She presented many humorous and entertaining moments for the young “teachers” while daily practicing her new language. Fun was had by all during this educational experience.

Vanessa established many friendships with teachers and staff as well as students during her stay.  Much thanks to Sis. Gertrude for hosting Vanessa during her visit and allowing her to interact freely with the students and staff.rsz_vanessa_picture_1