Yes, they are….

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Emmanuel, Geoffrey, John, Clare…. Names that two years ago we did not know. Drivers, farmers, teachers…. People who “helped” Sister Gertrude Kabatalemwa.

But now, they are “doing it.” They are carrying on the vision. Writing the newsletters. Taking the photos. Taking the children on field trips. Counseling the broken hearted, praying for exams…teaching about Jesus. Yes, they are doing it.

This is the third newsletter written by “John Claude.”  Content and photos all by John. Emmanuel has taken the challenge of the Secondary School building and it looks like the roof is almost finished. Clare travels to the school on weekends and teaches the children the Foundations of Faith curriculum and Christian values.

We are getting there…

Nationals Efforts to Eradicate Poverty in Uganda… Sister Gertrude would be proud.

And so can you! Thank you for your continued prayer and gifts… we are investing in good soil.

Teresa Skinner


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