During our last trip to Uganda, we were connected with Pastor Solomon and Pastor Dorothy Kalule of Word of Life Church Mission. When we shared with Pastor Solomon the need for an administrator in our school, he responded immediately to what he called “a Macedonian call” and commissioned the church’s youth pastor and secretary, Pastor Savior Bagiye and his wife Penninah, as the administrator for Nyamabuga. We are super excited that this Ugandan church spiritually adopted our school!

Pastor Savior and his wife Penninah are a young, vibrant couple who have a deep love for children and a burning passion for Christ. Pastor Savior was not only the youth pastor at his home church, he is a secondary school teacher of Math, Science and Physics. His wife, Penninah, is also a secondary school teacher who teaches English and Swahili. Pastor Savior came highly recommended – in Emmanuel’s words, “He really is a savior, like his name.”

Also, Director Emmanuel Mwesigye is optimistic, happy and relieved as he spoke about the new administrator for Nyamabuga Foundational School. He believes that the children will be able to confide in and work well with the young and energetic couple. He also hopes that with their arrival, the resurrection of the secondary school is on the horizon.

Pastor Savior’s administrative role in the school is a crucial one: to encourage the students and teachers, minister to them and collaborate with them. As the administrator for Nyamabuga, he will be also managing the day-to-day operations, reporting directly to Emmanuel Mwesigye, as well as assisting with the spiritual development of the students, faculty and staff. Emmanuel is excited to have someone capable to handle the responsibility of managing the school.

Living up to his credentials, Pastor Savior has earnestly resumed at work. He arrived at the school on Monday and joined the children during their worship time. In fact, he has even started a poultry project with Emmanuel. The poultry project is the new administrator’s brainchild, a way of providing eggs for the children and bringing supplemental income to the school.

God, we thank You for sending this man!