Here are some additional updates in some of the areas covered in our Year End Report!

The Secondary School Building

Secondary-Dormitory-Feb-2014We are once again believing God to bring to us a donor to come to our rescue to start construction of a well-structured building, as of now we are still accommodating students in a make shift wooden structure. This has stagnated the growth of Secondary school, which is not attracting parents to bring their kids to us, but prefer to take them to well-structured school buildings elsewhere.  Although this temporary shelter the kids sit on dirt floor and the walls are of rough timber, but this condition has not affected their academic performance, still the government cannot register and recognize the school which is affecting us greatly.  Our kids have to go across the district where we have to look for sympathizers to accommodate our students to sit their final secondary examination. This costs me transportation, feeding and up keep for all the kids and the teachers who accompany them.

We are planning with help of God to put up a secondary building with the administration attached, Laboratory, library, computer lab, girls and boys dormitories.

**UPDATE: The things remaining to complete the building are plastering, putting in glasses in the windows,  installing power and painting.**

Grain Mill

After all the contributions and offering I collected on my April – June trip to US and that which was sent to me later. The Grind Mill House is complete, we are in the process of a 3Phase wiring waiting for Power company to install we have already lodged our application and survey was done.  We hope to mill our corn of this season in our own Mill.

Again our gratitude goes to another secret donor in Baton Rouge. From the beginning I under estimated the Grain Mill house. As we started to construct it more expenses were coming in and I was shy to appeal for more money but took it in prayer to the Lord.  This lady had her ears to heaven she sent us  amount to complete the flooring,  plastering  and power installation, but when it came to  charges for the 3phase power wiring work it took so much to purchase the right wiring kits,  we are in need for a 3phase Power installation,  and a chain link to keep intruders out. We still have the 10k for purchasing the machines. ”



From 21st – 25th January 2014  we held  a 5day residential Seminar for Church Leaders and Youths the evening of 24th and 25th will hold a big crusade in Nyamabuga trading Centre to evangelize all people in theYouth-Session-2014-Church-Leaders-Youth-Seminar community and neighboring villages.  We have Christian a key district government official  and a strong Anti Gay Pastor ministered he came with three victims who were attacked by local and foreign gays and left them almost dead they testified and the congregation was left in tears. We had 200 delegates.






Girl-in-Training-Paper-BeadsIn our NEEPU manifesto, we wanted to start a school to change the norm and culture of government schools who considered educating a kid and forgetting that not all children were going to join college or go to work in offices. Therefore, our idea was to train a girl and boy-child in craft skills too, in case if they do not make it along the way, they can produce something out of their hands for survival.

Now Nyamabuga boys and girls have been trained in mat weaving, basket weaving and paper beads skills. We are training the kids to collect and produce local materials themselves, design and create the finished product.




Thank you all for your continued support!