Line upon line… together we are building the secondary school.

Powerful, encouraging, humbling… God’s wisdom and provision!


Original Building July 1, 2017

Original Building July 1, 2017

“And they that shall be of you shall build the old waste places: you shall raise up the foundations of many generations;” Isaiah 58:12.

This scripture is our director, Emmanuel Mwesigye.

Sister Gertrude Kabatalemwa started the Secondary School building. With well over $100,000 needed just to finish Phase One… Yet, she never made it back to America. The very day she was to arrive and raise funds necessary to finish the building… she passed away.

For two years, grasses grew high and the buildings looked like ruins. Secondary students left, attending neighboring schools who do not have the Nyamabuga Foundational Schools Christian leadership emphasis.


1000 Timbers Purchased!But God!

Several colleagues made a suggestion and Emmanuel Mwesigye is moving forward with the incredible idea.

First they purchased “1,000 timbers” and hired a crew.

Follow the progress below:

Director Emmanuel Mwesigye texted the following:

Pillars and Posts

Pillars and Posts

See these angle line bars tied? They are to be filled with cement, stones mixed together to make firm pillars up to the beam level as you can see from the picture. This has to be done before we can think of the iron sheets.

These standing skeletons are the pillars, the ones standing on top will be bent for the sheets to stand on. In the future, we will unfold them when we plan to resume with our original work plan of the secondary school complex.

Doesn’t look like much? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one… At first, I thought you just put the iron sheets on flat, without the inner Skeleton of the timber. Now, I learned and will show you the difference… give me this week so you have something to show to our supporters!

We’re so excited about this building! I was so touched by my little ones in nursery when she asked me, “Are those our new classrooms?” I thought, “Should I tell her yes? Or tell her right away no, it is the secondary school building? I don’t want the Secondary’s school to be her enemy.”

We hired some men to help bring down the wood initially put up to pour the concrete second story slab. We also hired a professional who will put up the iron sheets properly.

We are planning to go for it… pushing on well, so far so good!

This is where we’re now… on the beam level then we start putting up timber.

Now you can see the share that the roof is taking!

Now you can see the roof !


Hey, check this out! You like?

A special Thank You!!!! To those who donated to the “Secondary School Building Fund.”

It is also my prayer that one day I will to come to the United States. BUT one DAY… it will come to pass.

We now need the wooden desks, doors furniture and other items necessary to make this a school. Thank you for prayerfully considering helping us with this project!

Please keep us in your prayers and hearts.

We are… moving forward.

God Bless You!