Updates on Emmanuel, Sister Clare the Farm...

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It has taken courage and wisdom to navigate through last year’s Covid lockdowns and the Ebola outbreak which has put much tension all over the country. But God has given godly leaders to Nyamabuga Foundational school.

Some of you heard that our dear Sister Clare Businge, had some medical situations last year. She is doing much better. Also, as a result, Clare lives with us at the Nyamabuga school full time. We are so happy to have her here with us. She is available to pray with us and love on us always.

Here she is pictured with her daughter Mercy Talemwa. Mercy turns 21 in May, and is in college.

Last year, our Administrator Pastor Saviour Barigye’s pregnant wife Peneinah, was hit by a motorcycle while walking in Kampala.

Only by the grace of God, did Peninah heal quickly and safely deliver “Wonder.”

Here is a photo of the family with baby Wonder in the front. They also help a boy who stays with them, and they pay half of his school fees.

We are sure you are wondering about The Farm.

When he is not on the school campus, Director Emmanuel Mwesigye works many hours at the farm providing food and milk for the students and jobs for the community. Covid made it challenging to find food for the students and provisions for the teachers. Things are much better, and Emmanuel has been able to keep the farm well.

Here are some photos of The Farm.

August last year, we lost precious Titus.

The silent one who faithfully cared for the children and visitors in the village home while Sister Gertrude was away.

Titus was a meek man a God known by many in the village as one who evangelized and cared for others.

Stella Kangume continues to serve at the school. She works in the canteen, is a chaplain for the students and has worked with “baby class” for many years. Stella has been doing some community outreach and is also attending college to finish her teaching degree.

There have been many challenges for Stella, including her mother’s illness, having to stop building a new house that does not rain inside as well as outside when it rains.

We appreciate Stella’s faithfulness. May this be a better year for everyone.

“Words cannot really express what you precious people have done for us, and we always look for ways to show you our sincere gratitude, love and appreciation.

We just want you to know, we really appreciate you.”

Thank You and God Bless,

Emmanuel & Clare

There are so many more stories and testimonies of God’s greatness.

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