When it’s time to turn the fallow ground, often times the work is hard. But oh, when the ground is tilled, how easy it is plant! Here are some of the breakthroughs our friends in Uganda are experiencing right now!


Good News From the Desk of the Administrator

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus.

We’re giving praise unto the Lord for the great things He has done.

“As the schools reopen, please parents, guardians, sponsors and all other stakeholders, I want to shed some great light here, that we have a school which you can trust with your children. One of the best schools in this vast land of Uganda.

The spiritual atmosphere is very clear and clean. We admit children from baby class to P6. We educate, feed the children well, we’ve got enough space for exercise and sports and the environment is first class, as you can see below. The school is registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Trust us with your children and we shall deliver beyond your expectations.

Thanks. The Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.”

– Pastor Saviour

Nyamabuga Foundation Schools Administrator

Your support makes an impact on the future of Uganda.

Alumni Spotlight: Stellah Kangume

We have a wonderful update from a Nyamabuga Foundation Schools graduate.

Who is Stellah Kangume?

Those who have been with us for some time may remember Stellah. She came to Sister Gertrude’s school when it was still in the original slat-board structures. She was nurtured and trained by Sister Gertrude. After graduation Stellah became the Nursery Teacher, acted as the chaplain for the students and assisted Sister Gertrude around the school.

Where is Stellah now?

Since our visit to Uganda in February 2020, Stellah ran for Councilor of the Nyamabuga and Kisangi Ward.

Stellah said, “I am not looking for fame or riches but serving God’s people equally for the development of our community.”

While campaigning, Stellah personally visited several villages to discuss her running points as well as bring light to the school. Nyamabuga Foundation Schools is one of the few Governmentally accredited schools in the area.

“I have so far visited more than a hundred people in each village (15 villages). Surely, it will be incredible in a way that many parents have become so happy through this exercise of visitation. Many have seen me and talked to me promising me children.”

We are waiting to hear the results and are proud to see one of Nyamabuga Foundation School’s alumni following Sister Gertrude’s mantle. This is all thanks to the donors
who invested in Stellah years ago, as a student.

Stellah was also able to start a small shop to help the community purchase items at a lower cost, during the COVID shut down.

Mum we are very thank full for all your support. We had a challenge at home, but it got solved. We could struggle to get salt, but now we are okey because after receiving my blessing, we opened a shop for us. And the whole community is benefiting. They increased prices, because of the epidemic disease. But, we are measuring black salt in different measurements.

A packet was increased from eight hundred to two thousand shillings. Others, at two thousand five hundred. But we have even for those with five hundred shillings.

Through your partnership with NEEPUganda, the next generation is rising up with Godly intent, to cultivate a brighter future for Uganda.


Spreading the Gospel During COVID-19

Stellah, Clare Businge, Peninah and Pastor Saviour worked together to translate the Isaiah 58 training curriculum, Foundations of Faith, into Rutooro the language of many of the children. The children had used this curriculum in English, in the past. But, reading it in their own heart language will impart God’s word deep into their hearts.

After translating it this is what Stellah shared: I am still thanking God for Isaiah 58 book, it didn’t  leave me the same. I used to teach children lessons (in English) but this time, I don’t even know to explain.

God empowers our teachers give our students the best spiritual education possible.

The tractor that has been stuck for over five years, has been tested, and it is working!

We are putting it to good use. Thanks to Brother Emmanuel and all of you, our partners and friends.

The Lord Jesus will resurrect everything that has died by His mighty working power. Glory to God in the highest!

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“The Lord Jesus is good to us. We glorify Him. The tractor and the trailer have just departed from the school to the farm.

We thank God.” – Pastor Saviour